When we started this website, our aim and ambition was to create a place where families can access useful information on all aspects of family life. It soon became clear that the community around us and beyond were to play just as an important a role. We soon realized that in order to provide great information we needed the help and support of the people around us. Thanks to them, we are now proud to say that our website has become a great resource for all family related issues. Through the knowledge and expertise of all the people in our community, we are able to advise on all family matters, whether they are fun related or of a serious nature. When we are unsure of something, we seek out expert opinion and publish it to further expand our range.

Thankfully, the website has been going from strength to strength and the growing number of website visitors soon had local groups and businesses get in touch with us with promotional and advertising inquiries. It gives us pleasure and joy to provide such support and we urge anyone to get in touch with us, be it with queries or special information.

The bigger and stronger our network, the greater the support will be that we provide and we therefore ask you to contact us. Our inbox is always full to the brim and we hope to find your email there soon too. Please use the contact form below:

Here are some of the things people have been contacting us about:

  • Parenting Advice: Please ask, in all probability we have faced your problem too or know of someone who has. Regardless of how silly or insignificant your question may seem, we want to hear from you. We will personally respond and if your question reaches beyond our knowledge we will seek the opinion of an expert or put you in touch with someone who will be able to help you.
  • Parenting Tips: You often hear people say that “babies don’t come with a manual” and how true this statement is. We found ourselves thrown in at the deep end just as much as you and have valued the advice of others on many occasions. If you are an expert or a parent with useful parenting tips please share them with us, and we’ll make sure to publicize it on our website. Parenting is an endless process of learning and we rely on you to support us just as much.
  • Promotion: We are always glad to promote business with services or products that make family life a little easier and a bit more fun. If you own such a business make sure to get in contact with us and we’ll tell the world about it!
  • Stories: A great way to learn about parenting and family fun is to find out what happened to other people, how others coped with difficulties and overcame challenges. Please send us your family story and if it is a humorous one, all the better, we’ll share that too!
  • Community: On our site you will always find community announcements and we are glad to publish and promote your group or event too! If you are running a project or campaigning for something, do let us know and we will support you as best we can.
  • Communication: Facing difficulties can be a lonely endeavor and both Adila and I have often found talking and communicating with others immensely helpful. Just get in touch and share your troubles with us, soon they will be halved!
  • Collaboration: Since the very beginning, we have really enjoyed collaborating with others to provide family support and have found that two heads are better than one and more heads are even better when trying to find solutions. We now have a strong network and are always open to making new connections.

It doesn’t really matter what you are getting in touch with us about as long as you do! Just send your tip, question or query via the contact form below. It will be awesome to talk and we look forward to hearing from you!