As fantastic and wonderful being a first-time parent is, there are times when you feel like tearing your hair out and the sense of being completely out of your depth is overwhelming. These little creatures, they bring you to your knees and leave you utterly astounded and at times helpless as to how to handle a particular situation. They make the days of morning sickness and dealing with the bump seem like the good old days. Sometimes, you might even feel like running off and going for a beer. But, of course, you don’t, because of the utter love you find in your heart for your little darling, and whenever you look into the little eyes, you melt and vow to try again.

All first-time parents sometimes feel like that and those who deny it are simply not telling the truth! Parenting can be difficult, is always challenging and will always knock you sideways. The unpredictability of your little counterpart, the neediness and the sheer audacity the little ones display when constantly demanding your attention is not always easy to deal with. That, combined with broken sleep and the ensuing exhaustion can bring you to breaking point. Remember, though, what you are feeling and experiencing is completely normal and part of life as a first-time parent. Every time you emerge from one of these little storms, you will feel a renewed joy and prevailing love for your son or daughter. It will all have been worth it, believe me!

There are some small things you can do to get you through and some of them are listed here:

  • Ask for Help: Don’t be a hero struggling on your own, ask for help and advice, ask for a break and go out without your darling if you feel the need. There is nothing wrong with enlisting help, taking time out and rest and relaxation can work wonders.
  • Go Easy on Yourself: Don’t judge yourself too harshly when you find little things difficult. Changing a diaper can be tricky, even knowing how to hold your little baby has to be learnt first. Beating yourself up over your lack of experience will only make you feel worse. Keep reminding yourself that you are doing your best and that everyone struggles at times.
  • Spend Time with other First-Timers: Parent and baby groups and outings, meeting a friend who just had a baby or chatting with random new parents will help you see that every first-time parent is in the same boat.
  • Take Time Out: It’s good to take a break every once in a while and will help you clear your head. Going for a walk, having coffee, taking a drive, undergoing some retail therapy or pursuing your favorite hobby for a couple of hours can work wonders. When you get back to your baby, you will be refreshed and ready to take on the little creature once more.
  • Forty Winks: When you are completely deprived of sleep, nothing can be more beneficial than a little snooze. When your baby takes a nap, resist the temptation of housework and chores and opt instead for a little snooze yourself. Baby and parent will feel much better for it.

Essentially, just try to take it easy and enjoy the time you have with your baby. Time flies and many parents will tell you that, before you have had a chance to take a breath, your child will be all grown up. You only get this time once with every child, it is precious despite the fact that being a first-time parent will hardly ever be just plain sailing.