The wooden strip that goes around the bottom of our walls, sure it looks good but what is it really for?

Most of us couldn’t imagine our home without them but many new homes are starting to build their homes without skirting boards as they don’t think they really have any purpose. If you are also in the same boat as these folk, you may be surprised to find out that these wooden wall decorations do in fact have a purpose; and they’re actually quite nifty.

They protect our walls from damage. 

The reason people started putting the wooden panels along the floor line was to prevent damage from hoovers, mops, and even furniture from scuffing and damage the walls.

Walls are rather fragile and hard to repair and replace so the skirting board acts as a shield for the most susceptible parts of the wall so that if damage occurs it can be fixed by replacing the boards for a low and affective cost.


It is said that skirting boards were originally created to hide the edge where the wall meets the floor. This was back when walls were wet-plastered and it was difficult to get a neat edge.

The handy skirting boards were invented to cover the mess at the bottom and details were added to make them seem deliberate and look stylish.

We still use them today because they have a look to them and to be honest a wall just doesn’t look right without them.

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