You’re sitting on the best-kept secret within your circle of friends. A member of the gang deserves a celebration but you don’t want to tell them about it until the actual event. It’s going to be a surprise. Here’s how to keep the party a secret and throw a successful surprise party.

Be Selective About When You Send the Invite

Some people can keep a secret while the lips of others are looser than wanted. Therefore, be selective as to when you send invites or reveal the details of the party. Those who can keep their mouths shut can be told well ahead of time. Wait until the week or a few days before the event to tell others who you want there yet have trouble keeping their mouth closed.

Don’t Leave an Electronic Trail

These days, most communicate through email, texting, and social media. While those are great ways to tell people about a regular party, it’s not the right way to inform people about a surprise. You wouldn’t want the guest of honor to accidentally stumble upon news that is supposed to be kept a secret.

Rent a Bus

One of the biggest ways to spoil a surprise is having your street lined with guest cars. It’s more than a small clue when the guest of honor recognizes the vehicles of friends before walking into their home or a venue. Therefore, rent a party bus so you can tell guests to park at a remote location, bring them to the party, and back to their car. It guarantees the party person will not get tipped-off and the party remains a surprise.

Choose the Right Party Room and Location

It would be unfortunate if you successfully invited all the people, got them to hide their vehicles, yet the guest of honor became savvy as they pulled up and saw all of their friends in a party room from the hotel parking lot. Be smart about the location and where the party room is located. Also, it may work to your benefit to have the guest arrive after dark so it’s harder to see any details that would otherwise give them an inclination as to what’s really going on. Be sure to tell the front desk at Marriott Renaissance Charleston if you’re planning a surprise.

Know the Party Person

You have the best of intentions in throwing a surprise party. However, the guest of honor has the type of personality that ranges depending on their present mood. For example, they may appreciate the sentiment after a relaxing day yet feel a bit unnerved and irritated by being the center of attention after a bad day at the office. Therefore, be sure that the element of surprise will be something appreciated by the guest of honor.

Record the Event

You don’t want to miss that golden moment. Be sure that you can relive the surprise repeatedly by recording the event. Hire a videographer or ask a camera-savvy friend to interview guests, edit shots and insert music, and capture that awesome moment when the guest of honor walks in with that look of complete awe.