All of us would love to bring home a furry four-pawed animal home but one reason for most of them to stop and think twice is the pests that enter your space along with them. The two most common pests seen on dogs and cats are ticks and fleas. They chomp on the flesh of pets, suckle their blood and bring them irritation and diseases too. Apart from all these disadvantages, the ticks and fleas reproduce at a quick rate and in a few days, you could have their generations at your home.

Tick and Flea Problems You Could Face:

Ticks and fleas make your home and garden their own space and make room for a lot of diseases and adverse effects. You could see them in your garden as the ground would be moist and gardens are the favorite spot of your paw friend. Here is a list of all that you and your pet could face because of them.

  1. Fatal diseases – Your paw friend may become a victim of life-taking diseases like tick fever, Lyme disease and more.
  2. Irritation and itching – The crawling movements and bites bring in a lot of discomfort to dogs and cats. The ticks and fleas bite the pets and this makes them scratch and get bigger wounds in the bitten areas.  These little beings could crawl over you and bring the same impact when you sit in your garden over a cup of coffee.
  3. Encroachment of personal space – Within days and weeks of tick and flea infestation on your pets, you can see colonies of these pests over the walls and ground of home and garden. This is definitely not a pleasant sight and your guests at home would give a second thought on visiting your home again.

Getting rid of ticks and fleas from our garden:

Here are some natural flea and tick control methods that you could follow and keep the pests away from your garden.

  1. Keep your garden less moist – Moisture attracts ticks to co-live with you and this is an add-on to your problems. Make sore you have potted plants in your garden and artificial lawn if you do not want to let go greenery. 
  2. Trim the grass regularly – Ticks and fleas cling on to your pets only when they are hungry. You can find them on the ground during the rest of the time. Flea and tick prevention of dogs start off from your garden. Make sure you trim the grass in your garden as shorter grass do not entertain these tiny pests.
  3. Keep your pet’s fur short – Flea removal and tick removal could be done in a better way if your paw friend has short fur. For long-furred animals, make sure you keep their fur trimmed.
  4. Get American beauty-berry bushes in your garden – Beauty-berry bushes make your garden look beautiful and repel ticks and fleas to a great extent. This is a safe and natural tick and flea control method you could use.
  5. Use a pet-safe flea and tick spray – The sprays which are available in the market now are chemical-based and have side effects on your pawed animal too. Using natural pet products keep your pets free from fleas and ticks and also make sure that your pet’s health remains safe.
  6. Get home a rooster – Roosters and hens are omnivores and feed on ticks and fleas that crawl on the ground. Getting a rooster can keep your garden free from ticks and fleas provided your dog is welcoming and does not try feasting on the chicken’s flesh and bones.