There are a number of things that marijuana may be able to help you with. One of the more surprising ones is pruritus, which is the scientific term for itchy skin. Pruritus can be generally frustrating or incredibly debilitating and anywhere in between. That means it should really come as no surprise that some people find benefit in using medical marijuana. If you have pruritus, here are four reasons that you might want to consider using medical marijuana to help with it.

1. Medical Marijuana May Help Associated Skin Conditions

Pruritus is technically more of a symptom than it is its own condition. Most commonly, pruritus is diagnosed as part of another skin condition, like psoriasis, dermatitis, or eczema. While medical marijuana can help pruritus all on its own, it’s also true that it may be able to help those associated skin conditions as well. Many people find benefits to their skin conditions as a whole when they start using medical marijuana, not just the itchiness. People having skins problems other than Pruritus should most probably take the advice of their family doctor or of a trusted one before using such products. A doctor can guide you better and would be able to prescribe you the appropriate marijuana product for your skin condition that you can get from mmjexpress or other such cannabis e-stores.

2. Cannabinoids May Have an Anti-Inflammatory Effect

The endocannabinoid system in your body includes two primary receptors, which researchers call CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors regulate pain perception, leading to the most prominent usage of medical marijuana, as a pain relief agent. CB2 receptors, however, act as an anti-inflammatory and immune booster. That means you may be able to reduce inflammation by using medical marijuana, which is a big part of many skin conditions.

3. It May Be Easier to Manage Pain

As already noted, the CB1 receptors regulate pain perception. Not everyone experiences debilitating pain associated with pruritus, but some people do. Plus, the more you itch the skin, the more likely you are to turn that itchy sensation into a painful one. If you currently experience pain as part of your pruritus or any associated skin condition, medical marijuana can help you manage that pain, making it an effective tool to have in your toolbox.

4. Hempseed Oil Can Strengthen Your Skin

Last, but certainly not least, it’s good to know that hempseed oil may be able to strengthen your skin. That means it can resist viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, all of which can cause and worsen pruritus. Hempseed oil is one of the most important ingredients in topical preparations of marijuana, and when hempseed strains go through the manufacturing process, it removes all the THC from the product. Make sure you choose a strain rich in CBD to get the best benefits for your skin. In addition, you can visit and comparable websites of online cannabis vendors that can provide you with the correct dosage of hempseed oil capsules as prescribed by your doctor.


Pruritus may not seem like that bad of a problem – after all, everyone experiences itchy skin from time to time, right? However, when the itchiness becomes a symptom that you’re regularly experiencing, it can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. This is when medical marijuana can be extremely helpful. Though there could possibly be many questions about this route of treatment, such as how to take the product in the first place, visiting a website similar to, or even talking to a medical professional if you preferred might be helpful to you as an individual. You also may want to consider what other medications you could be already taking before you go down this route. If you’re looking to keep your skin in its best condition and manage your pruritus, especially alongside other skin issues, consider looking into medical marijuana for it.