The list of must-haves for modern parents isn’t as extensive as one might think, but pack and play playards are definitely included. These items are what allows you to be a really ‘modern’ parent as nowadays this term is a synonym for ‘busy’.

The uses of playpens can be versatile, but most moms and dads rely on them for two things:

  • Keeping the Child Safe When You Aren’t Around: This is the main ‘duty’ of pack and play playards. They provide your baby with a safe environment to play or sleep in while you are working, cooking, cleaning, or doing one of the other hundred things modern parents have to do every day.
  • Substituting for a Crib During Travels: If you read pack and play reviews at you’ll notice that every good playpen of today is also a comfy portable crib. As these items are lightweight, you can take them everywhere, even to the park. With such a helpful tool on hand, your baby will always have a place to sleep that will provide proper support for their spine.

Are Pack and Play Playards Dangerous?

They can be if you don’t use them right. Today you can see many articles that stress the dangers of playpens. In most cases, they emphasize that sitting in such a constricted space for long periods of time can have a negative effect on baby’s physical development. Isolation will also influence their psyche and can cause emotional problems.

There is a simple and 100% foolproof solution to these problems. You just need to use pack and play playards wisely.

This means that you must never leave your child there for several hours in a row, and leave them alone in a room.

The right way to use a playpen is to place your kid into it for several minutes and no more than an hour at a time. Make sure to give them some toys to play while you are performing some of your duties. If possible, keep the playpen in the same room so that your baby can see you all the time.