When we screamed our hearts out to welcome the New Year 2020 and a new decade, we had no clue what mess is awaiting us in the coming days. Yes!!!! We are here referring to one of the most significant global health adversities ever inflicted on humans, coronavirus or COVID-19. The disease showed its first glimpse in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and within a few months span, it expanded its tentacles to all the major countries across the globe. The seriousness of the disease can be linked to the fact that the World Health Organization declared it as a pandemic without making any delay to warn the governments at the earliest.

Today, we are witnessing a complete lockdown state on both social and economical parlances. Industries, public spots, travel and tourism, along with other realms have been closed to ensure social distancing which primarily is the only potent remedy for the pandemic as of now. Talking about business operations, virtual meetings seem to be the only path to keep the economy hanging. As people were forced to stay locked in their homes, the concept of Work-from-Home became mainstream all around. Firms encouraged their employees to work at the comfort of their homes to ensure their safety. Where this method allowed people to avoid public gatherings, travel, and socialize, it gave birth to a new mental health concern, anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotion that depicts the mind and body’s responsiveness to stress, uncertain, or sudden confrontations or situations. A certain degree of anxiety is good as it helps us to stay alert and aware, but when it becomes a disorder, it can cause some serious impacts on the health and professional lives of the people. Talking about the lockdown phase, people get anxious when they find themselves succumbing to the crisis, or feeling uncertain about their future, or fearing to get infected by the disease. All these fears boggle our mind and force us to overthink about situations which are far from reality. The world found it difficult to adjust to the sudden change in the working style while being locked in homes and without any socialization. These factors are the prime causes of anxiety at present. If anyone is dealing with anxiety, it might be worth looking for methods to calm this anxiety. Perhaps some people would like to buy cannabis flower by mail to see if that works. A lot of people find that method to be effective, so more people could consider doing that. There are other methods too, so make sure to find the one that works best for you.

Signs that anxiety is overshadowing actions:

Anxiety symptoms are related to the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. They include:

  • Feeling nervousness, restlessness, or tension
  • Increased heart rate or fast breathing
  • Feeling sweaty
  • Difficulty in concentrating on work or any other activity
  • Panic attacks

How to beat anxiety during COVID-19 phase?

Given below are some interesting yet effective ways which can do wonders to help you keep your anxiety at bay and enjoy life as it comes. Please have a look:

Take breaks

Do not overstrain yourself while working continuously for long stretched hours. It is advised to take breaks and enjoy watching television, news, or cooking. Any activity that helps you release your stress can be your remedy for anxiety attacks.

Pump up some lyrical magic

Music is one of the best remedial solutions for mind, body, and soul. It helps to soothe your senses and bring happiness. You can play your favourite music depending upon your mood to keep yourself relaxed, calm, and more constructive in these hard times.

Meditation and yoga

Practising yoga and meditation for a few minutes every day can fill your mind and body with energy, mindfulness, and satisfaction. You can download an app or seek help from online tutorials to learn the basic exercises to deal with anxiety disorders and practice them diligently for the best outcomes. Alongside this, you could also try Kratom Capsules which is very well known to help with Anxiety, so alongside yoga and meditation, this could help massively.

Keep yourself moving

This can be done within your house. Walk, exercise, stretch, or play- just do whatever you like. This will control your anxiety and will also help you keep your body in shape without the costly gym expenses.

Talk and interact

Whenever you face anxiousness, talk to your family members, friends, colleagues or anyone you feel comfortable with. Spare some time every day to interact with others, listen to their stories, and share your thoughts with them. A good chit-chat session can lighten your mood and bring back your beautiful smile.

So, follow the given remedial solutions to tackle anxiety during the prevailing coronavirus crisis. Keep your thoughts in place, be positive, and whenever in need, talk to others without hesitation as this will help you to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.