Even though you have grown to like your décor and furnishings, you often want to try something new, or add to the features you already have around the house. With older properties this is often a case of matching the style with the era, and it pays to know what you have in the house that may actually be hidden away.

For example, if you have plain inner doors that are heavy, you may find that beneath an outer board is the original, very beautiful door, that once fell out of fashion. Its cheap to restore them, and takes very little in terms of time and money. Staircases can also be subject to a criminal 60’s make-over, and many a home-owner has uncovered hidden spindle staircases, still intact.

Cheap Ideas

If you’re looking for an older style of décor, why not visit antique and junk shops for period furniture? It really can look great in the right place, and is not expensive to buy items that are not in fashion any more. One area of the house we really do recommend you check out is old fireplaces.

Most houses from the early to mid-20th century will have had a fireplace – or possibly more than one – and these were often covered up in favour of more efficient and easy to use gas and electric fires. However, the open fire is now back in fashion, and you may have them waiting to be used.

If you do want to renovate an old fire, click here for more information on getting a chimney sweep to check out your chimney and fireplace before use. This is essential for your safety and to satisfy your insurers that you are safe, so get in touch with them now, and enjoy the delights of a wonderful open fire in no time at all.