Here’s how you can design a dining room that is full to the brim with luxury

The dining room is the perfect room for indulging your dramatic dream décor. Unlike the kitchen or bedroom, the dining room is purely a space for entertaining, so there’s no reason not to have fun with your design choices, adding touches of decadence to bring it to the next level. From Dining furniture to wall art, the possibilities for a beautiful dining room are endless! Here’s how you can create drama with your dining décor.

Bold wall art

The most obvious way to add drama to space is to introduce something that is going to catch the eye as soon as you step into the room. To achieve this, consider hanging one or two pieces of statement wall art. These might be colorful prints, oversized letters, or something more grandiose like a large traditional painting in a gilded frame. However, you prefer to approach your statement pieces, remember that a ‘wow’ piece of wall art set against a subdued wall always stands out. This wall art does not even have to cost a fortune you can get coupons from places like Raise ( to save money on buying things like this that will enhance your home and really make it an enjoyable space to be in.

Magic mirrors

A mirrored wall is a fantastic way of creating a dramatic effect, while also boosting the illusion of space and reflecting any natural light. You can cover an entire wall, or select a few well-designed hanging mirrors that work well together. Tie the whole room together by using glass and metallic materials elsewhere, like candle holders or ornaments.

Vintage dining table

Of course, the most important piece of furniture in any dining room is the dining table. This is the star of the show, and your chance to focus the eye and bring the drama. That’s why investing in a vintage dining table is a great idea, as it helps make your dining area feel truly unique. Websites such as Vinterior have the widest selection of vintage furniture available, so there’s sure to be something to suit your home.

Lavish lighting

Be theatrical with your choices of lighting. We often write lighting off as a purely practical addition to a space, but the right light fixtures have the power to completely transform a space. This is why it is so important that you contact somewhere like Safe and Sound Electric ( to make sure that all of your lighting fixtures have been installed properly, as if they haven’t, it could result in serious repercussions, as well as not receiving the relevant amount of light. Of course, you can always opt for multiple, standout pendant lights suspended at different heights, using a mix of colours and materials to really bring some sparkle to the room. Alternatively, scones can provide the perfect mood lighting for weekend dinner parties.

Stunning centrepiece

Every dining room needs a centrepiece. Whether it’s a floral display an ornament or even an eye-catching rug, it’s important to find that certain item that ties the whole room together and demands your attention when you enter. Dramatic design doesn’t have to be especially busy, so one great piece of décor can be enough to make your dining room shine.

Storage bar

A sideboard or shelves that you currently use as storage can easily be transformed into an ultra-classy bar complete with spirits and mixers for making the finest cocktails. This will immediately elevate the status of your dining room, impressing your guests in the process.

Eye-catching wallpaper

A feature wall is a great way to bring drama to your dining room as a whole. Find a type of wallpaper pattern that fits the look you’re trying to go for, but which also brings its own character to your space.

Break the rules

Remember, despite what trends come and go there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to decorating your home. Sometimes the best way to create drama in a space is to defy convention and break the rules which have been put in place about interior design. Try matching your vintage dining table with ultramodern chairs, or decorating with colours that are traditionally thought to clash. You might be surprised at how effective and dramatic the results are.