One of the most cost-effective sources of heat is the solar power in your swimming pool. However, the removal and application of these solar covers can be a daunting experience and cumbersome. The pool covers and rollers were designed to lift this burden and make it easier for you to bear. Before purchasing a solar reel cover, it is imperative to be sure that it is expected to work well with your swimming pool as well as your cover rollers and reels. Let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider before making tat informed purchase. 

1. Pool Shape/Type

Most of the solar cover reels in the market are often designed for one type of pool whether it is to be used in the in the ground or above the ground. Due to their mounting nature, the above ground pool solar reel is often designed to offer accommodation to the oval or round shaped swimming pools. For this reason, they cannot be interchanged with the rectangular tools. 

2. Reel Mobility

Most solar cover reels that are placed on the ground can be designed to be mounted permanently to the pool top rail. For this reason, many of them come with a quick-release or pivoting option to get it out of the way easily. Some in ground reels can also be developed to attach themselves permanently to the pool. On the side called the flip, many in ground reels have the castor feature as an option on the add-ons for the better capability to move. Be sure that the design always suits your best interest or taste as well as the swimming pool itself. 

3. Pool/Solar Cover Width

Some of the reels on the market are designed and sized to work on swimming pools for certain widths. On the other hand, some of these widths can be adjusted through the telescopic or segmented tubing to offer accommodation. It is also imperative to find one that covers or fits your swimming poll well. The one that is too narrow will be unusable. If it is also too large, it will be ill-fitting or cumbersome. 

4. Pool/Solar Cover Length

When the cover is longer, it will make use of more material. For this reason, it will become heavier. The center tubing for the reel can sustain enough strength for long. Heavier covers that exceed the stated amount of tubing tolerance can bend or break that tubing. Therefore, most of the available solar reels have a minimum recommendation length when sold.

5. Solar Cover Thickness

Thicker solar covers are made of more material than their thinner counterparts. This also amounts to the weight they experience. As it is with the maximum solar lengths, many reels have a minimum tolerance for thickness they can support. Commercial and thicker covers should use on residential swimming pools. This is because they don’t have any capability to carry more weight. 

While not every solar power reel can work for every swimming pool, a little knowledge and research of your swimming pool can ensure your cover reel suits your needs.