Are you or someone you know thinking about moving to the country? The United States is a great place to live, no matter where you are. People of all ages from Generation X and Y come to the US to escape the urban crime, traffic, pollution, and political chaos. If you’re moving to the country, you want to build a home that will be as sustainable as possible. Building a home that has the highest sustainability rating possible is critical to saving our environment and our finances in the long run.

One way to get started on building a sustainable home is by purchasing a green (sustainable) house and land in the countryside. Buying a rural farm or land is not for everyone; however, for those who are interested and capable of making such an investment, it provides tremendous benefits. The advantages of buying a farm or land are as follows:

First, the cost of building in the rural area is less than building in the city. There are two reasons for this. First, building in the rural areas is generally cheaper because the land is in the countryside, so there are less development and building costs. Also, many rural homeowners and businesses do not need the same amenities and services as more urban homeowners and businesses.

Second, building in the countryside reduces building costs because of the low energy consumption of its inhabitants. Many rural dwellers have lighting powered by solar panels, wind turbines, and other eco-friendly technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions. These homeowners are able to keep their costs down, which makes the purchase of a sustainable house even more attractive. As well, if a buyer lives within walking distance to a town or city, it makes building their own home that much easier.

Third, buyers can benefit from buying a home built with sustainable housing because the homes in the country are safer and more secure. This is because more rural homeowners and smaller communities are upgrading and use more modern and effective security systems such as burglar alarms, gated entry, and other high tech security devices to protect their properties. Also, more rural areas tend to be less prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires. As well, most rural areas offer some form of clean water supply, so buyers can also benefit from building a home in the country if they choose to do so.

As you can see, there are many benefits of moving to the country. Not only are buyers’ houses easier to purchase and maintain in the country, but the environment is better as well. Also, most buyers and sellers benefit from living in the country. This is because their needs are met better in the country, and they do not have to worry about living in an apartment or subletting their apartment in the city.