Finally a full-time job, steady paycheck, and a place to call your own? Well, if you’ve just moved in, it is highly likely this new apartment of yours doesn’t feel like home yet, does it?

While girls are all about colorful and printed cushions for the living room, centerpieces on the kitchen table, and a multitude of scented candles in the bathroom, guys have a slightly different idea of what kind of atmosphere they wish to achieve in their bachelor pad.

If your place still feels like it lacks character, your character, and then check out some of the basics you can use as a foundation for a unique design you are to create down the line.

No more clutter

Face it – you are no longer 19 and it is high time you started grocery shopping and cleaning. Moving from a dorm into a frat house did take its toll on your manners, but now that you are inviting people into your own place, you need to realize they will have certain expectations (especially women). That is why it is of utmost importance to ensure there is always toilet paper, soap and a few cleaning products stacked so that you can keep your bathroom and kitchen spotless at all times.

Matching furniture

Interior design might seem like more of a girl thing, but if you take a look at some of the best bachelor pads, it is evident these men pay attention to the furniture they buy and make sure all pieces match. Prior to taking a shopping trip to IKEA, attempt to define your style – do you fancy modern, industrial design? Or would you rather decorate it with a classic, 19th century spirit in mind? Regardless of your choice, be sure to get the furniture that will reflect that spirit.

Party corner

Though college days are behind you, that doesn’t mean you have left your desire to party in the past. With that in mind – a well-designed, stocked bar is a must. Old whiskey bottle is obligatory, accompanied with appropriate glasses to serve it in. You could even add a Bottle Light Glorifier to display your favorite beer or spirit. Furthermore, you will want to have a few bottles of red and white wine at your hands reach, as well as vodka, since you can mix it with coke, soda, or cranberry juice – this way you will always have an appropriate drink for the lady who arrives. Finally, remember to take care of it properly – bar runners are mandatory, as they will keep the surface dry, especially if you have a wooden bar, as frequent spills can damage the material for good.

Expressing artistic side

While up until now Pamela Anderson’s poster from her Baywatch days was considered an artwork in itself, that can no longer be the case. You are older now, and you might want to exchange women and movie posters for a picture or photograph with a more serious subject matter. Pick something that will reflect your interests and hobbies to personalize, preferably every room with at least one piece of artwork. These will not only elevate the design of the entire place, but will also serve as great ice breakers for when you are hosting a party.


In a bachelor pad, lightning goes well-beyond hanging one chandelier, or god forbid, lightning bulb in the middle of the room. Consider strategically placing table or floor lamps in the corners of the room, so that you can create a romantic atmosphere when the situation requires. Go for the lamps with dimmers, so that you gain control over the amount of light emitted – nothing will set the mood better.

While these are some of the essentials, keep in mind that your place is the reflection of you – keep it serious, with just a couple of elements that will allow you to express your personality.