Our website is built on a strong network of excellent family service providers and our 16’000 unique monthly visitors keep coming back and bringing along new ones. The growth of our website as a platform for families has been very organic and in some ways the entire process has been ridiculously easy. Of course, my professional background, and both Adila and my own hard work, have contributed to the exponential growth of our site. The amazing success is also largely due to the community around us as a whole, without whom none of this would have been possible.

When we were approached by an advertiser for the very first time, we were truly surprised, but recognized the potential for the advertisers as well as for ourselves instantly.  Advertising rates can be astronomically high and being mindful of the budget restraints of many small businesses, we have always kept our rates well below average. These super competitive rates have been good to us, as the number of advertisers has been growing continuously and advertisers themselves value the fact that they need not spend a fortune on an aimless advertising campaign.

My IT background has proven invaluable and allowed me to virtually guarantee advertising success. Adila and I have also learned so much about what types of add work, where to best place ads, how to decide on a duration or advertising frequency and how to interpret online data for maximum results. The vast majority of our advertisers keep coming back to us for more and we hope to welcome you into our midst soon.

Here is what set advertising on our website apart:

  • Ultra Competitive Rates: We tailor our advertising packages to suit our clients’ needs and budgets, always prioritizing value for money. Ensuring that the ad will provide you with a decent return on investment is our top priority. Most of our advertisers are either sole traders or small businesses with a limited advertising budget. Community groups and schools have also been grateful for our excellent rates. The feedback we continually receive is extremely positive, most advertisers are surprised as to the impact or their ad on our site.
  • IT and Advertising Savvy: Thanks to my professional background and our joint online advertising experience, we are in a position to provide you with a fantastic service right from the conception through to the publication of your ad. Regardless of whether you already have a ready-to-go ad or just an idea, we will bring you through the entire process and ensure that you will receive value for money.
  • Enormous Exposure: Your ad will be seen by thousands of people who will be enticed to click on the link to your website. Advertisers have also experienced a high volume of social media shares for well-designed ads. With my professional know-how I can maximize the impact of your ad, greatly increase your exposure and support your business in its continued growth. No less than 16’000 different people visit our site on a monthly basis, all ready to find out about your great offerings.
  • Community Event Promotion: Family events that have been advertised on our website have enjoyed enormous numbers of attendees and if you have a family event to promote, our website is the place to do it!
  • Let the Professionals Do it for You!: Being professional in our approach is important to us, particularly with my background in IT. We are more than just a family website and put an enormous amount of work and effort into the design, creation, optimum placing and publication of your ad. Nothing is left to chance and you will hardly need to lift a finger. Tell us about your business and what you hope to achieve with the ad and us professionals will do the rest!

The Process

All you need to do is get in touch with us via the contact form below and tell us about you, your community group, event or business. Jointly, we will then work out your best advertising strategy, always focused on getting a good return on your outlay. You may contact us with a ready-to-go ad or just a concept, either way we are with you from start to finish!