Teaching the kids that exercise and healthy living is important should begin at an early age, and what better way is there to do so than by having them join you when you are working out. Of course, many gyms do not encourage children, and they are also expensive, but there are many ways you can exercise with the kids. You could take them cycling, for example; it’s an excellent way of getting exercise, and is great fun too. There are many dedicated cycle tracks that are safe for kids, so you have plenty of choices.

Or, if cycling doesn’t appeal to you, then have your child try Kids Gymnastics instead. Children can immensely benefit from gymnastics as it combines many skills such as speed, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and discipline into one sport. Similarly, swimming could also be a good idea. It’s a great workout, and all kids love to swim, don’t they? The local pool might offer you discounts if you go as a family group, and there are special times for parents and kids in some pools. There is, however, a better way of getting exercise and enjoying it with the children: you can install gym equipment at home. If that sounds expensive, the truth is there are many items of affordable gym equipment designed for the home, so it is worth checking them out. In fact, it can work out far cheaper than a gym membership if you look for the right equipment at the right price.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

So, now that you know it is not expensive, you likely wonder where you will find the space to install gym equipment around the home. If you have a spare room, that can be a viable option, but you might want it to be used as a guest room. The garage is a good idea, and many people use it as a gym if the car is not using it! However, perhaps the best place for gym equipment is in the garden, where you have all the space around you that you need.

What equipment do you need? We recommend that you start with a pull up bar; this is a great piece of kit that is simple to use, cheap to buy and also effective. You can perform a range of exercises that are designed to tone muscles in many parts of the body. You can get many different styles – you can find one that will attach to the kids climbing frame, for example, which will encourage them to use it – and we suggest you look for a free standing pull up bar for maximum effect.

Buying Your Pull Up Bar

Choosing a pull up bar is about finding out which one will suit your available space, so make sure you are aware of the area you are dedicating to your exercise area. So long as you know the dimensions of the items you are buying you will know whether you can fit them in or not, so it is essential you take your time and plan accordingly. Meanwhile, enjoy your exercising, and find somewhere to put that pull up bar so your kids can learn too.

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