Bathrooms in family homes can sometimes be cramped. A small bathroom can pose a problem even for a single person, let alone a family. Being constantly surrounded by mess is nerve wrecking, unhygienic, and embarrassing. What it takes to transform your tiny, messy bathroom into a beautiful and functional one, is a good organization. Luckily, we have plenty of ideas that can help you use every last bit of space in an optimal way.

Storage, storage, storage!

The absolute key to a clutter-free bathroom is ample storage space. For families with young children, closed storage is optimal. The cabinet doors will both prevent your little ones from making a mess, and hide any existing clutter. They can also be childproofed using simple and cheap mechanisms, for maximum safety. You will feel much more carefree once all the dangerous chemicals are locked away. Before you settle for store-bought cabinets, consider having them custom made. Take in all of the specifics of your space. Are there any nooks and crannies that could be filled in ideally with customized cabinets? It’s an investment, but it might be worth it.

Opt for a bathtub

It might sound counter intuitive, but stylish bathtubs are actually a much better choice than a shower. First of all, who doesn’t enjoy the luxurious feeling of a hot bath? But visually, white bathtubs work better too. A shower inherently needs to be closed off, which makes small rooms seem even smaller. A bathtub in a light color keeps the space wide open and creates the illusion of roominess. You can have a look at companies like the one found at to help you with a bathtub replacement.

Hide in plain sight

Nothing makes a space look smaller than clutter. That’s why it’s important to put everything away. Make a vanity for laundry to use instead of a laundry basket. Build storage space around unsightly pipes. Put away all the odds and ends into stylish woven baskets. A minimalist environment is much more likely to look spacious.

The floors and walls

To create an illusion of space, opt for plain, light-colored tiles and walls. Dark colors make the space look small and closed in, while a pattern can make the room seem busy even when it’s organized and uncluttered. Mirrors are another excellent way to visually expand a small bathroom, while also serving a very useful purpose. A huge mirror is practical, optimizes light use, and looks super glamorous: three birds with one stone. If you are pressed for shelf space, perhaps try shelves built into wall niches for a stylish and unusual look.


Smaller bathrooms need less investment, but they can still be costly. To avoid spending too much, why not try repurposing pieces you already have? What’s the line dividing old from vintage? Look at what you have at your disposal through objective eyes. Some pieces, like cabinets, vanities, step stools and small tables can often be freshened up with a good cleaning and a bit of paint. These projects cost next to nothing, but the finished pieces can turn out exquisite.

Add a touch of luxury

If you have some extra money, just a few luxurious details can make your small bathroom look and feel special. Top of the line tiles, oversized massaging shower head, or spa style accessories can really give your bathroom a polished look and turn it into a gorgeous, relaxing spot in your home. Some things are definitely worth splurging on.

Don’t be afraid of big changes

If the current floor plan just isn’t working, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Relocating the toilet, bath, and sink does take quite a bit of work, but this transformation could really turn things around. Many choose to change to a wall mounted sink. Analyze the space as if it were empty, and try to work out which floor plan would allow you to use the available space in an optimal way, then get to work.

A small bathroom can pose a challenge, but not an unsolvable one. It does require a bit more thought and deliberation when it comes to your choices, but there are plenty of products that are created specifically with small bathrooms in mind. If you play your cards right, you will be amazed at the extra space that seems to appear out of thin air.