There was a time when childcare was only used by working families, when there was a stigma attached for a stay-at-home parent to use it. These days, research proves that every parent who puts their child in childcare, at least part-time, is doing them a great service. The first six years of a child’s life are their most formative and by utilising a quality early childhood education service then children can grow with a solid foundation.

Here, we’ll look at our top 5 reasons why childcare is great for your child.


Children tend to feel safer and more secure when they know what to expect. So, routines are important for a child emotionally, but it also helps to form good lifelong habits. Such as, brushing their teeth, eating healthy, and a love for learning. It builds confidence in the children, allowing them to perform more of their chores and activities on their own. Like, packing their bags, cleaning their room, and dressing themselves.

Emotional development

Research shows that children who have had some good quality childcare by the age of two are likely to be more conscientious and able to cope with their emotions better later in life. It also states that children who don’t attend childcare are 50% more likely to be emotionally and developmentally vulnerable when they begin their schooling.

Social skills

Children learn to interact with a diverse range of people in childcare. This means they understand and appreciate our differences and uniqueness early on in life, ready for when they start school. They learn how to build good relationships, to communicate their feelings appropriately, and to grow their independence.

Physical development

A child who attends childcare often gets more opportunities than a child at home does to run around, climb, jump, and takes risks in a safe space. All these are important to the development of a child’s fine and gross motor skills. Not to mention their self-esteem and their ability to problem solve. A good childcare centre will have a diverse range of resources designed to challenge and bring out the best in each child.

School readiness

Many parents, no matter how attentive, don’t know the skills children need to acquire before they start school. This is where preschools and early education centres excel. They instil a love of learning in the children by capitalising on their individual interests and natural curiosities.

Also, the development of daycare centres over the years has led to the rise of centres that impart Early Education to children. The approaches used help simulate an environment where children can interact well with one another so that they can develop socially, creatively and in the cognitive sphere. And by guiding the children through play, educators are able to teach them literacy, numeracy, space, and a whole more.

As you can see, childcare is so much more than babysitting your child while you are at work. They set your child up for a good, productive future. Remember though, not all childcare is equal. A parent in Epping can go to child care Epping to find childcare in their area.

These are our top five reasons why childcare is great for your child but there are many more, and not only for the child; childcare is good for parents too.