No drug addiction is worth the amount you will lose in life. Xanax is one of just many drugs that can cause you to lose a lot more than you bargained for and is never worth the heartache. There are multiple ways to know it is time to seek treatment from somewhere like this center for drug rehab in Topeka, and there are major ones that you should definitely look out for.

1. Slurred Speech

Slurred speech is one of the most obvious symptoms of someone possibly suffering from Xanax addiction. If you can no longer hold a conversation due to the words not coming out quite right, and not being able to clearly convey what you are trying to say, though it sounds normal in your head, that is a clear sign of someone struggling with that addiction.

2. Lack of a Memory

If you find yourself losing your memory, or just not being able to remember things that you feel you did just a few minutes ago, that is another sign of a problem with Xanax. This has a significant on not just job performance and your day-to-day life but also your quality of life as a whole.

3. No Patience

People who suffer from Xanax addiction find themselves being unable to cope with what is going on around them and becoming easily annoyed and impatient. They can not function with a lot of thoughts going on and grow very irritable, very easily, over the slightest sounds. This can be a sign of addiction that sticks with them for a long time.

4. Manic Moods

Another clear sign of Xanax addiction is not being able to be stable in terms of your mood. Having real manic-like symptoms and showing an increased fluctuation in mood swings and energy can be a sign of someone needing treatment for Xanax. This is not something to be ignored and can have a serious impact on the actions you take with another person or even the choices you make in your everyday life.

5. Depression

One of the tall tale signs of someone needing to be treated is depression. They are not able to control the swift sadness that comes and this is in part due to them losing more and more function of their brain. Their emotions become unstable and they may react negatively to situations and scenarios that they never would have before. This is someone slowly losing their own voluntary functions and should be dealt with immediately before more severe consequences form.

6. Heightened State of Aggression

This goes back to one of the many signs of losing a sense of yourself that Xanax can solely be responsible for. When you find yourself losing pieces of your personality, this can also cause you to become more aggressive. Someone that you have noticed becoming more aggressive when at one point in time would have never raised their voice, is also showing signs of Xanax addiction and it will only get worse from there. In such circumstances, treatment options provided by experts at Fusion Recovery ( or similar medical establishments and various therapies may need to be looked at to decrease the Xanax dependency. It might also be worthwhile to look at trying to calm aggressive moments with the use of other medication that isn’t addictive. One avenue that could be used is natural cannabis from somewhere such as Area 52 or similar online dispensaries. Using CBD or other cannabis products can help calm aggressive states, as well as improve sleep, and therefore help regulate moods day-to-day.

7. Labored Breathing

Although we do not pay attention to the way we breathe, or even hear the way other people breathe, it can sometimes be noticeable enough if it becomes more labored, stressed, or exacerbated. This can be a clear sign of someone going through Xanax addiction and can have long-lasting effects with the way a person lives their life, how they exercise, or even how they do small tasks that exert very little energy.

8. Increased Level of Apathy

It is a big deal to notice someone becoming more apathetic as time goes on. They are not as energetic as they used to be, hobbies that they used to love no longer seem interesting, and just getting out of bed can sometimes feel like a chore. This level of apathy and lethargy is usually not sudden and comes over time. This can be a detriment to family, friends, and every part of a lifestyle that they were once accustomed to.

9. Easily Confused

One sign of someone that may be struggling with Xanax addiction is confusion. This can be any level of confusion such as not understanding something that someone is clearly stating, or even randomly not remembering a given location, your name, or any aspect of who you are. Xanax has the uncanny ability of affecting various internal organs and systems such as the brain, blood, spinal cord, and nervous system. Anything that involves your brain being used can be severely and even permanently impacted by Xanax; this includes being confused by something as simple as waking up in the morning.

10. Psychosis

One of the largest signs of someone needing Xanax treatment is an extreme level of psychosis. This is a very detrimental neurological disorder that essentially disconnects you from all of a reality. Your emotions, thoughts, and experiences are all skewed and not really embedded in realty but instead something your mind has created on its own. This is extremely dangerous and can have arguably the worst consequences of someone dealing with Xanax. If someone seems to be recounting experiences that seem impossible, or go through with actions that seem completely unreasonable, that may be a sign of them needing to deal with their Xanax addiction through intense treatment.

These are just some of the signs that treatment is necessary and quick intervention may be needed. No one benefits from prolonged exposure to Xanax and there is no better cure than quick, fast, and aggressive intervention through various treatment methods. People addicted to Xanax can not do it on their own and need people to step in, whether they understand that or not. Do not wait for the signs to escalate; intervene as soon as possible when clear and effective treatment is necessary.